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3M Novec 1230 Fluid
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The SEVO™ Flex™ utilizing 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid offers the unprecedented flexibility of providing localized protection of high value equipment for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

SEVO™ Flex™ is designed to meet the rapid discharge time (up to 10 seconds)in accordance with NFPA 2001. Multi-Point provides partial/local flooding of a single or multiple hazards.

Multi Detection Options Higher Volume Protection
Local / Partial Flooding Extended Containment
Larger Cylinder Capacity
1. Pneumatic Action
The SEVO Flex Multipoint Pre-Engineered Automatic Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems utilizes unique flexible detection tubing attached to the top of the cylinder valve. This tubing is pressurized with Nitrogen to 240PSIG (16.5 bar) maintaining cylinder valve closure. The detection tubing is temperature sensitive and acts as a continuous linear thermal detector that ruptures at designated temperatures. When the tubing ruptures, the cylinder valve is actuated, allowing Novec 1230 fluid to flow through the discharge outlet on the Flex valve, distributing the extinguishing agent through the nozzle(s) into the room.

2. Electrical Actuation
The SEVO Flex Electrical Actuation System utilizes a control panel with conventional detectors sensing products of combustion at the incipient stage or a Thermal Line will detect a range of temperatures depending on the hazard type. An electric solenoid on the top of the valve will discharge to the system. Control panel features allow options such as cellular calling as well as communication to the building fire alarm panel.

Cylinder Sizes Novec 1230
Part Numbers Volume Coverage
3 1.4 / 3 FLEX FO300 2.3 / 81
6 2.7 / 6 FLEX FO600 4.5 / 158
12 5.4 / 12 FLEX F1200 9.0 / 318
20 9 / 20 FLEX F2000 14.8 / 523