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Agent Release Control Panel

The RP-2002 is a six-zone FACP for single and dual hazard agent releasing applications. The RP-2002 provides reliable fire detection, signaling and protection for commercial, industrial and instituional buildings requiring agent-based releasing. The RP-2002 is compatible with System Sensor's i3 detector. In addition, the conrol panel is compatible with conventional input devices such as two-wire smoke detectors, four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices, tamper switches and other normally-open contact devices. Three programmable Form-C relays and 24 VDC special application resettable and non-resettable power outputs are also included on the main circuit board. The RP-2002 supervises all wiring, AC voltage, battery charger and battery level. Activiation of a compatible smoke detector or any normally open fire alarm initiating device will activate audible and visual signaling devices, illuminate an indicator, display alarm information on the panel's LCD, sound the piezo sounder at the FACP, activate the FACP alarm relay and operate an optional module used to notify a remote station or initiate an auxiliary control function.

  Key Features:  
  • Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th Edition
  • FM Approved
  • Extensive transiet protection
  • Dual hazard operation
  • Cross-zone capability
  • Six programmable Style B IDCs
  • System Sensor i3 Compatible
  • 4 programmable Style Y output circuits
  • 3 programmable Form-C Relays
  • 7.0 amps total 24 VDC output current
  • Built-in programmer
  • 80-character LCD backlit display
  • Real-time clock/calendar
  • History log with 256 event storage
  • 24 volt operation
  • Low AC voltage sense
  • Auto battery charger with supervision
  • Programmable Abort operation
  • Continuous fire protection during online programming at the front panel
  • Program check automatically catches common errors
  • Pre-programmed and custom application templates
  • Three programmable Form-C realy outputs
Wall Mount Horn/Strobe

System Sensor® SpectrAlert® Advance selectable-output horns, strobes and horn/strobes are rich with features guaranteed to cut installation times and maximize profits. The SpectrAlert Advance series of notification appliances is designed to simplify your installations, with features such as: plug-in designes, instant feedback messages to ensure correct installation of individual devices, and eleven field-selectable candela settings for wall and ceiling strobes and horn/strobes.

  Key Features:  
  • Plug in design
  • Same mounting plate for wall and ceiling mount units
  • Captive mounting screw
  • Tamper resistance capability
  • UL/ULC Listed, FM Approved
  • Field-selectable candela settings on wall and ceiling units
  • Automatic selection of 12 or 24 volt operation
  • Outdoor wall and ceiling products
  • Minimal intrusion into the backbox
  • Horn rated at 88+ dbA at 16 volts
  • Rotary switch for tone selection
Photoelectric Smoke Detector

System Sensor's i3 Series photoelectric and photoelectric/thermal smoke detectors represent a significant advancement in conventional detection, incorporating three key features: installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection.

Installation ease: The i3 Series redefines installation ease with its plug-in design. This allows an installer to pre-wire the bases included with the heads. The large wire-entry port and in-line terminals provide ample room for neatly routing the wiring inside the base. The base accommodates a variety of backbox mounting methods, as well as direct mounting with drywall achors.

Intelligence: i3 Series detectors offer a number of intelligent features to simplify testing and maintenance. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms to minimize nuisance alarms are standard in the i3 Series.

Instant Inspection: The i3 Series provides wide-angle red and green LED indicators for instant inspection of detector condition. The LEDs indicate: normal standby, out-of-sensitivity, alarm, or freeze trouble conditions. The "EZ Walk" loop test feature is availble on two wire i3 Series detectors when connected to the 2W-MOD loop test/maintenance module. The "EZ Walk" features verifies the initiating loop wiring by providing LED status indication at each detector.

  Key Features:  
  • Plug-in detector line
  • Large wire-entry port
  • In-line terminals with SEMS screws
  • Stop-Drop "N Lock attachment to base
  • Removable detector cover and chamber for easy cleaning
  • Built-in remote maintenance signaling
  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms
  • Simplified sensitivity measurement
  • Wide-angle Dual-color LED indication
  • Loop testing via "EZ Walk"
  • Built-in test switch
  • UL listed/FM Approved
LCD Serial Annunciator
The N-ANN-80 annunciator is a compact, backlit, 80 character LCD fire annunciator that mimics the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) display. It provides system status indicators for AC Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, and Alarm Silenced conditions. The N-ANN-80 and the FACP communicate over a two wire serial interface employing the ANN-BUS communication format. Connected devices are powered, via two additional wires, by either the host FACP or a remote UL-listed, filtered power supply. N-ANN-80 displays English-language text os system point information including device type, zone independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory status, as well as any custom alpha labels programmed into the control panel. It includes control switches for remote control of critical system functions.
  Key Features:  
  • Backlit 80-character LCD Display
  • Mimics all display information from host panel
  • Enclosure supervised for tamper
  • Local sounder can be enabled or disable at the FACP
  • Time and date display field
  • Surface mount directly to wall or to single, double or 4" box
  • UL Listed/FM Approved
Dual Action Agent Release Station

The NBG-12LR is an Agent release station designed for use with Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panels with releasing capabilities and RP Series Releasing Systems. The NBG-12LR is ideal for areas such as clean rooms and computer rooms where a chemical agent is used to extinguish a fire.

  Key Features:  
  • Non-Coded, dual action operation
  • Made with durable polycarbonate
  • Optional surface backbox
Xtralis VESDA Air Sampling Detection

The Xtralis® VESDA® Air Sampling Smoke Detection is a detection system that actively draws multiple air samples from a fire zone, via a pipe network, to a centralized detector.

How it works: Air is continually drawn through a simple pipe network to a central detector by a high efficiency aspirator. Air entering the unit passes a flow sensor before a sample is passed through a dual-stage dust filter (the majority of air is exhausted from the detector and back-vented to the protected area). The first stage removes dust and dirt from the air sample before it enters the chamber for smoke detection. The second, ultra-fine stage provides a clean air supply to be used inside the detection chamber to form clean air barriers, which protect the optical surfaces from contamination.

The detection chamber uses a stable, highly efficient laser light source and unique sensor configuration to achieve the optimum response to a wide range of smoke types. When smoke passes through the detection chamber it creates light scatter which is detected by the very sensitive sensor circuitry.

The status of the detector, all alarms, service and fault events are monitored and logged with time and date stamps. Status reporting can be transmitted via simple relay connections or across the advanced VESDAnet communication network (VN version only).

  7 Reasons for Using Xtralis VESDA Air Sampling Smoke Detection  
  • When continuity is paramount
  • When Smoke is Difficult to Detect
  • When Maintenance Access is Difficult
  • When Unobtrusive Detection is Required
  • When Evacuation is a Challenge
  • When Environmental Conditions are Difficult
  • When Suppression Systems are Present




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