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Fire Flex: Integrated Pre-Action Fire Suppression System

  • Telecommunication centers

  • Server rooms and data storage 

  • Control rooms 

  • Art galleries & museums 

  • Medical treatment centers & laboratories

  • Archives

  • Emergency diesel generators

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The new FireFlex® Dual integrated system consists of a clean agent fire extinguishing system, factory- assembled in a cabinet. It integrates all the components necessary for a complete extinguishing system, including the releasing control panel.

The FireFlex® Dual System uses FFT-1230™ Fire Protection Fluid. This clean extinguishing agent is based on sustainable technology and is the only chemical agent currently available that meets the most stringent actual and future environmental standards. FFT-1230™ fluid is the only extinguishing agent that allows a 1 for 1 cylinder replacement for Halon.

What is it?

FFT-1230™ Fire Protection Fluid


All In One System

Sprinkler + Clean Agent


  • Simple & Quick Installation

  • Factory-assembled & tested compact systems

  • Lockable doors avoid unauthorized handling

  • Clean agent safe for occupants

  • Environmentally safe long-term solution

  • Available in multiple sizes

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