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Flex: In-Cabinet Clean Agent Systems

  • Electrical Cabinets

  • Telecommunication Areas

  • Data Processing

  • Areas and Cabinets

  • UPS Units

  • Pump Enclosures

  • Laboratory Fume/

  • Exhaust Cabinets

  • Flammable Chemicals

  • Storage Cabinets

  • Generator Enclosures

  • Transformers Cabinets

  • Libraries & Museums

  • Archives

  • Switch Gear Cabinets

What is it?

The SEVO™ Flex™ utilizing FFT-1230™ Fire Protection Fluid offers the unprecedented flexibility of providing localized protection of high value equipment for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

SEVO™ Flex™ is designed to meet the rapid discharge time (up to 10 seconds)in accordance with NFPA 2001. Multi-Point provides partial/local flooding of a single or multiple hazards.​

FFT-1230™ Fire Protection Fluid


Compact System

CYLINDER A_edited.png

Small cylinders and flexible detection tubing easily installs in electrical cabinets.


Pneumatic Detection Tubing

The pneumatic detection tubing is temperature sensitive and acts as a continuous linear thermal detector that ruptures at approximately 2300F(1100C) guaranteeing early detection and rapid extinguishment.

Dependable Design

SEVO Flex does not use electricity or moving parts. This keeps the system reliable and operating in conditions where power may be lost.

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