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SMART Cabinet FDS: Fire Detection & Suppression System

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• Server Cabinets

• Data Centers

• Charging Stations

• Switch Gear Panels

• Telecom Racks

• MicroGrid

• Battery Storage

What is it?

The Smart Cabinet FDS™, Rack Mount Fire Suppression System is a self-contained fire detection and suppression unit designed to protect a 19” rack mount server cabinet. Mounted in the top rack of the server cabinet, the Smart Rack FDS systems provides 24 hour monitoring for smoke utilizing twin optical smoke detectors operated by a control unit with a power supply and battery backup.

FFT-1230™ Fire Protection Fluid


Fast Deployment


Easy Setup

SMART Cabinet FDS™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with your server racks.

  • 2U X 19” Chassis Mounting

Single or Double Wide Rack

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SMART Cabinet FDS™ can extinguish fires in both 1.5m3 (52ft3) or 3m3 (106ft3) server cabinet.

SCFDS20 for 3m3 (106ft3) server cabinet shown.

IoT Remote Monitoring

View key information on the SEVO™ IoT App such as Fire, Faults, Pressure Status, Level Status, Temperature Status, etc..

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