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Securing the future of clean agents.

Late last year, 3M announced its decision to discontinue manufacturing all PFAS materials by 2025, including Novec™ 1230 (also known as FK 5-1-12). As a result, questions have arisen regarding the future of clean agents. We want to assure you that at SEVO Systems, our ability to service your fire protection needs remains unchanged. Our relationships with other suppliers and manufacturers allow us to continue to provide the highest quality products to our customers in the long-term as we always have.

While there have been discussions about potential regulatory actions and supply challenges surrounding FK 5-1-12, it is important to note that there are currently no regulatory restrictions on the use of C6 F-ketones. In fact, these chemicals were developed for fire protection and other applications precisely because of their environmentally benign characteristics. They are non-persistent, non-bio-accumulative, and non-toxic (Non-PBT), making them a safe and effective choice. Agencies like the EPA and outside public interest advocacy organizations are focused on PBT PFAS chemical agents, not Non-PBT chemicals like C6 F-ketone.

We understand that there have been concerns about PFAS chemicals in general, but it is crucial to differentiate between different types of PFAS. For example, and as noted by the US EPA, chemicals like Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) are two of the most widely used and studied chemicals in the PFAS group and because of their persistent nature in the environment, they have been regulated and replaced with other PFAS in recent years. So, the EPA recognizes that not all PFAS are created equal and SEVO has demonstrated that PFOA and PFOS can successfully be replaced in fire protection applications with Novec™ 1230 fluid and by extension alternative C6 F-ketones. In fact, C6 F-ketone, the main component of FK 5-1-12, was designed to address environmental concerns and has been proven to be non-persistent, non-bio-accumulative, and non-toxic. Multiple studies and thorough testing have confirmed its safety and effectiveness.

Other major chemical companies, including Honeywell, Chemours, and Dupont, are producing or increasing production of their PFAS products. Fluorine chemistry, which includes PFAS, plays a crucial role in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, clean energy, defense, and technology. Efforts to implement blanket bans on PFAS have historically failed, and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is actively working to ensure that non-PBT PFAS chemicals like C6 F-ketone are protected from misdirected regulations or legislative initiatives.

In addition to regulatory concerns, there have been questions around the future availability of FK 5-1-12. We would like to emphasize that there are multiple sources of FK 5-1-12 available in the market for the special hazard fire protection industry. While there have been concerns about future supply challenges, the availability of FK 5-1-12 is not a cause for worry. With secured alternative sources and the collective efforts of industry stakeholders, the supply will remain steady, enabling us all to effectively address fire protection needs with confidence and peace of mind.

On that note, we are thrilled to inform you that SEVO has taken proactive measures to secure alternative sources of FK 5-1-12. Through rigorous evaluation and strategic partnerships, we have successfully established reliable alternative sources. This achievement not only guarantees a consistent supply but also ensures the continuity of your operations, without compromising on standards. Our product offerings are now UL listed, ULC certified, and FM approved with the alternative source of FK 5-1-12.

We understand that the fire and life safety industry is evolving rapidly, and recent announcements from 3M have sparked interesting discussions. We firmly believe that C6 F-ketone will continue to lead the special hazard space as it remains the most environmentally friendly replacement for HFCs and Halon, reduces operational downtime, and effectively addresses challenges in critical and rapidly expanding industries. SEVO Systems will continue to be your reliable source for all your special hazard needs, and we are here to answer any questions you may have as changes unfold. For more detailed information about PFAS and Novec™ 1230, please feel free to download our FAQ sheet. Thank you for your continued trust and support. We are committed to serving you with the utmost dedication and providing reliable fire protection solutions. Together, we can navigate the evolving landscape.

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